tl;dr: toaster-friendly animes

[RigthShiftBy2] is a “group” that just takes releases from proper anime fansub group and reencodes them to hardware compatible format.

All reencodes are hardsubbed, because most of hardware players can’t render .ass subs properly.

Video is AVC High@L4.1 profile, maximum bitrate is 30mb/s, maximum buffersize is 40mb/s (MeWiki says it’s within Blu-ray specifications).

Audio codec will be in the description of the release  if it is reencoded, we do it if audio track is really big or it’s encoded with some codec incompatible with MP4 (like FLAC, Vorbis or Opus). TV rips come with AAC audio so it is left as it is.

MP4 container with chapters is used for releases, there is no point in using something more advanced.

We won’t do 720p if 1080p version is available.